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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Add some cheer to your morning grande no whip, skim, double-shot latte with hand-painted fun from Dusty Road Gurl. Whether you want to sip your coffee or tea from a hand-painted “His” and “Hers” mug or chug your beer from a custom etched beer stein, Dusty Road Gurl has just the drinking glass for you and your mate. 

While most children were begging Santa for the latest GI Joe or Barbie, Dusty Road Gurl was on her best behavior hoping for a paint by numbers artist set or a crafting center. She's translated her creative talent into her career as a graphic designer, but still craves crafting a handmade, hand-painted design.  

Dusty Road Gurl offers you the opportunity to drink your favorite coffee or tea from a hand-painted mug…

Set, $18
Set, $18

Or bottoms-up with a hand-etched beer stein or hand-painted wine glass.

4 for $30

4 for $24

Dare we suggest those who drink together stay together? We think Dusty Road Gurl would agree. Think you and your partner could use some morning cheer? This "Romeo" and "Juliet" set of mugs is up for grabs in today's giveaway!

For entry:
1) "Like"our status on Facebook or comment below this post plus
2) For an extra entry, tell us the name of your favorite couple {can even be you and your partner}.

Winner will randomly be selected on the morning of December 1st!

Dusty Road Gurl: Making couples smile from here to Camelot.

xx well-to-do

Images courtesy of Dusty Road Gurl

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Monday, November 29, 2010


Boy vey! When it comes to accessorizing, guys get the short end of the stick. Trophy rings, thick gold chains, man purses… no, thank you. So what’s an evolved dude to do when he wants that perfect finishing touch? Cufflinks from Milkweed and Honey, a line of handmade goodness from husband and wife team {Tom and Sara}, make a manly, metro-cool statement.

Cufflinks, $15 {or 2 for $25}

"Founded on a love of simple design, unique packaging and a sense of humor," Milkweed and Honey is the marriage of "hard work and handmade love." Sara, a senior designer in NY's fashion district, is the duo's graphic artist. And Tom, a music producer, is "still unsure how he got roped into making jewelry but is loving every minute of it."

While you're trying to decide if your man would prefer Flying Fish or Dogfish cufflinks, take a break from the decision-making and check out their gorgeous line of jewelry, too. For starters, delicate and stunning earrings... 

Earrings, $20-28

And peace, love and necklaces!

Necklaces, $20-30

To help us kick-off well-to-do's "men's week," Sara and Tom have generously offered these Sam Adams cufflinks {pictured below} for a giveaway. P-e-r-f-e-c-t for your favorite well-to-dude!

For entry in the giveaway:

1) "Like" our status on Facebook
2) Fan Milkweed and Honey on Facebook
3) For an extra entry, tell us the name of your favorite well-to-dude

Contest is open now through midnight TONIGHT {November 29th}. Good luck!

Milkweed and Honey: "hard work and handmade love." 
xx well-to-do


Friday, November 26, 2010


Pun-filled greeting cards from Grey’s Greetings take thank you notes, invites, and thinking of you cards from ordinary to eco-sassy! Sarah and Kristin, creators and designers of the earth-friendly and funny Etsy shop, were inspired by Kristin's son. Their goal? So when you "send a little love in the mail" you can "send a little love to Mother Earth, too."  

Not only are Grey’s cards fun and feisty, but they take eco-fabulous to the next level! 

All of Grey’s Greetings cards are printed on 100% Recycled, 100% Post Consumer Waste and FSC Certified Paper, and they are printed at a FSC Certified printer {who, amazingly enough, is powered by 100% Wind Power}.

Rest easy that your purchase will put a smile not only on the receiver’s face, but on Mother Earth’s as well!

Their fun-filled cards include love notes…

Ewe Complete Me, $1

Sets and "flocks"...

Ultimate Girlie Greeting 10-pack, $8

Ewe Flock 10-pack, $8

Thank you cards...

Diamond Ring Thank You, 20 for $24

Party invitations...

Flip Flop On Over, 20 cards for $16

And elegant holiday cards…

Looking to send some eco-chic holiday cheer to your friends and family this season? Grey’s Greetings has generously offered an 8-pack of their holiday greeting cards {pictured below} for one lucky well-to-doer.

"Like" our status on Facebook and you'll be entered to WIN. Want an extra entry? Tell us {roughly} how many holiday cards you're sending out this year!

Grey’s Greetings: Eco-love snail mail style!

xx well-to-do

Images courtesy of Grey’s Greetings

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dearest Friends,
To celebrate another joyous year, we picked out a few favorite greetings from Greencards Designs by Katherine Kelly to share our fabulous news.

Sarah said "I do" on the beach in St. Lucia...

Her sister, Rachel, stood by her side...

And she turned 30!

Suz took a break from procreating...

She perfected her ability to host “muffins and mimosas” morning parties...

And she started baking more from scratch!

We helped a few friends move...

We encouraged husbands Andy and Joe to better communicate with us...

And Andy grew a beard just in time for Christmas...

We are grateful for our friendship {since our teens!}, but also for new friends... like the cute, clever and generous Katherine Kelly who has offered TWO SETS of her Greencard Designs recipe cards {printed on 100% recycled paper} for the well-to-do holiday giveaway!

Perfect for you to share some of your favorite, famous recipes or perfect for that person from whom you're always stealing recipes.

TWO random, lucky winners will receive a dozen recipe cards each. "Like" our status, fan Greencard Designs, and you'll be entered to win! Want two extra entries or not on Facebook? Tell us the name of your favorite recipe!

Contest is open Wednesday, November 24th until midnight. Winner will be announced on Thanksgiving morning!

Greencard Designs by Katherine Kelly: share your fabulousness with friendly flare! 

After all, everyone has something to brag about.

xx well-to-do 

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Whipping yourself into a wrapping paper frenzy this holiday season? Losing yourself in all the tape, bows, boxes and ribbon? We suggest you switch from wasteful, disposable gift wrapping and transform your gifts with reusable and fashionable fabric gift bags from VZ Wraps

Pennsylvania-based Isabelle Vesey launched her VZ Wraps Etsy shop after the shock and awe of wasting so much wrapping paper one Christmas. TOO MUCH, she said! Now gift giving can be quick, easy and fun with her chic and cutesy eco-friendly reusable cotton gift bags.
VZ Wraps' gift packaging is for all occasions and comes in a few different shapes and sizes. From wine bags...

to gift card bags…

wedding gifts…

birthday presents...

or Hannakuh and Christmas gifts...

...VZ Wraps has a finishing touch for every gift-giving occassion! And in celebration of the well-to-do holiday giveaway, Isabelle has offered these three reusable holiday wine bags: holly scroll, green scroll and gold scroll. Perfect packaging for the perfect gift...

Planning on giving the gift of wine this holiday season? "Like" our status on Facebook plus fan VZ Wraps => you'll be entered to WIN. Want TWO extra entries? Tell us your favorite wine to gift for the holidays. Contest is open until midnight of November 23rd. THREE random, lucky winners will be selected the morning of Wednesday, November 24th!!!

Not on Facebook? Then tell us why you'd like these wine bags or what your favorite wine is to gift for the holidays.

VZ Wraps: Making every gift look better!

xx well-to-do

Images courtesy of VZ Wraps

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