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Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Gathering Hops!

Welcome to Weekend Gathering Hops! This 5 way link up is hosted by Adventures of Frugalmom, Beck Valley Books, Beauty Brite, mumwrites, and Nifty Mom to help socialize with fellow bloggers, gain traffic, new followers, make new friends, and more!

This week's Guest Hosts are: 

Beauty Brite Weekend Gathering Hops
Read more »

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We are thrilled and honored to be a part of "31 Days of Posts Series" hosted by The Nester {and others}!  Posting every day in October, our topic will be "31 Days of Going Green" — 31 suggestions for a healthier you — broken down into the following categories:

{Week One} 
BEAUTY: Ways to clean up your beauty regime

{Week Two} 
HEALTH: Ensure a smooth, healthy transition into autumn with a simple FALL DETOX

{Week Three} 
STYLE: Tips & tricks to green your wardrobe
Giveaways from Oh-zieThe Cuddle Loom, Merah Muda, Elysian Organics & Pia Barile!

{Week Four} 
HOME: Get organized + simple DIY home decor & non-toxic cleaning

Hope you'll tune in!

Click the button below to see all the posts:

xx WelltoDo


Thursday, September 29, 2011


Take note, college students: you don't have to wear oversized sweatshirts to football games anymore.  There's a new way to support your school — a far more fabulous way.  

Fabulous and sustainable.

Meet Smartthreads: a socially conscious clothing brand with contemporary designs and college-licensed apparel.

xx WelltoDo

For every dollar Smartthreads earns, 50% of the profit goes toward their charitable causes and donations.

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{GIVEAWAY} Fancy Footwork

Are you suffering from the all too familiar "closet full of nothing" syndrome? Well, listen up. We have a quick fix. Transform what's already in your closet with shoe clips and necklaces from LOK Designs — "fabulous for sale" handmade creations

Rosette Shoe Clips, $12
Berkley Bib Necklace, $25
Shabby Chic Rosette Headband, $12

Created by two Michigan-based best friends {Kait and Lo}, LOK Designs' stylish adornments turn old shoes and shirts into glamorous new ones.

Ruffle Collar Accessory, $10
As for the clips, there's no need to stop at your shoes. Clip them onto scarves, a shirt, necklace, handbag or your hair to create different looks. 

Belle of the Ball, $15

LOK Designs has generously offered a pair of their Taffeta and Tulle Hand-rolled Rosette Shoe Clips to one lucky Well to Doer. They are simply gorgeous!

For entry: 

1) Fan LOK Designs on Facebook here and 2) Leave a comment here on the blog or on our  Facebook page. 

A random winner will be chosen in one week {October 6th}. Good luck!

Giveaway is now closed
xx WelltoDo

Facebook Fans get 20% off! 
Use code "URFAB20" at checkout!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{MEALICIOUS} Pumpkin Roll

Since overdosing on pumpkin chip cookies last week, we needed to find a new recipe for our pumpkin addiction. Check out this delicious-looking pumpkin roll from Recipedose. For ingredients and instructions, please visit Recipedose here


Bon appetit!
xx WelltoDo

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Dear Summer,
Thanks for a great time! See you next year.  
xx WelltoDo

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{DIY} Potholder Clutch

Have an especially cute potholder hanging around your kitchen? Turn it into a clutch!
So fabulous!  For step-by-step directions, please visit Tidy Mom here.

xx WelltoDo

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{DIY} Chic Burlap Frames

Love this idea from nannygoat blog. Such a great way to display momentos or kid art work! 


All you need is a frame {painted or not}, clip holder, some burlap and... voila!

xx WelltoDo

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Monday, September 26, 2011

{GIVEAWAY} Leetie Lovendale is Lovely

With all of the new Facebook changes and a fluctuating Klout score, you've kinda got a clouded head.  Balance it out with a bracelet, necklace or some earrings from Leetie Lovendale.
The oh-so-chic Maine-based designer and owner of The Beadin' Path, Heather DeSimone creates bright, bold, one-of-a-kind jewelry from vintage lucite parts which she hand-sets and hand-strings. 

We love the Turquoise New Wave Sticks, Retro Cleopatra Necklace and Lime Starburst Dotties.  Sooooo lovely.
With so many things under $20 {and even under $10}, you may want to pick up more than one treasure!

Heather has generously offered THREE pairs of Ice Toned Earrings for THREE lucky Well to Doers!

Ice Blue Matte Woody Hoops

Grey Moonglow Ovals

Montana Blue Matte Hex Hoops

For entry, you must do the following:

2) Leave a comment here on the blog and tell us which pair of giveaway earrings is your favorite!

And for an extra entry,  follow @leetielovendale and @welltodoyou on Twitter.  A random winner will be selected on Tuesday, October 4th.  Good luck!

xx WelltoDo

*** FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE when you purchase 4 or more lovelies. Use coupon code 'MEMSHIP' and shipping will magically disappear! ***

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It has come to our attention that a little Visine will help take the red out of a pimple {for most, that is}. Perhaps you already know this, but we thought it was only fair to share. Also and equally worth mentioning, before going to bed, dab a bit of toothpaste on the pimple to reduce redness and swelling.

Just say no to pimples.

xx WelltoDo


{GUEST POST} The WellnessMom Challenge

Today we welcome Esther Littlefield from The WellnessMom Challenge and WellnessMom blog. She has some important things to share with us about taking care of ourselves! 

Moms are busy. Moms are always running around, taking care of their kids (and spouses), and we often forget to take care of ourselves. We pour so much into others that we sometimes are left feeling empty. That's why I decided to create The WellnessMom Challenge. I wanted to create a "virtual" place where we could encourage each other to take care of ourselves. If we stay healthy, we will be much more able to care for our families and do our jobs. The idea behind The WellnessMom Challenge is to focus on one area of wellness each month, and encourage moms to do just one thing to improve their wellness. Sometimes we focus on way too many goals at once, so I thought by keeping it simple, it might help us to actually accomplish a goal. The challenges will not just include physical wellness, but also many other areas of wellness such as financial and emotional.

The first area I decided to start with is sleep. For the month of September, the challenge is to try and get enough sleep so that you feel rested! For many of us, that means going to bed 1/2 hour to an hour earlier than we are used to. Most of us moms end up staying up late (at least I do). I think that's because it's our only time of quiet during the day! It's our chance to unwind, watch TV, or spend time with our spouse. However, if we stay up too late, we often are exhausted in the morning, and the cycle starts all over again! So I am trying to post daily reminders or information about the importance of sleep — simply so that each of us will become more aware of it, and hopefully do something to change.

My hope with the challenge is that moms will be reminded that it's okay to focus on caring for ourselves. By doing that, we can juggle everything else much more easily. The WellnessMom Challenge is not a place for beating yourself — it's a place to connect, discuss, and encourage each other as we each seek to improve our overall wellness. I invite anyone who wants to join us to do so. This is not limited to moms, but it is geared toward them. However, anyone is welcome! Just head over to the page and click "Like" for the daily updates. I also welcome suggestions on areas of wellness that you personally would like to focus on!

Here's to reaching our wellness goals!

See more of what Esther has to say over at her WellnessMom blog! And don't forget to LIKE The WellnessMom Challenge on Facebook for updates on ways to maintain rest and health!!/Wellnessmama

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

{DIY} Garden Rake Necklace Holder


Got an extra garden rake head? Then we've got a project for you: a necklace holder! 

What do you think?

xx WelltoDo


Thursday, September 22, 2011

{GIVEAWAY} Inspired By It

Some people are just the awe-inspiring type. Like our new friend Nicole Couto, owner and founder of Inspired By It cards — "dreamed up, designed and printed in Rhode Island." 

Raised by her hard-working and compassionate single mother, along with six siblings, Nicole learned resilience, determination and to dream big from a young age. 

In creating her collection, she chose words she believed have power. "Power to effect change. Power to create a smile. Power to motivate and inspire."

And we agree: There's no better way to express gratitude, congratulate, or just say "hi" than with a handwritten note. And with Inspired By It timeless designs, we've found a word or phrase for every occasion.

After all, "most dreams start as a small thought."

Inspired By It cards: Send a card. Change a life.

We're thrilled that Inspired By It is offering an "Inspirational Kit" (includes every single one of their cards—48 total!) to one lucky Well to Doer! We will also be giving away 2 sample packs so that means we'll have THREE WINNERS!

For entry:

1)  Fan Inspired By It cards on Facebook here.

2)  Leave a comment below this post so we know you're a fan of Inspired By It on Facebook.

3)  For an extra entry, follow Inspired By It (@InspiredCards) and Well to Do (@WellToDoYou) on Twitter OR become a Google follower of Well to Do. Please leave an additional comment here on the blog if you do either of these!

Contest is open through October 3rd and winner will be announced on the 4th!

xx Well to Do

Shop Inspired By It cards online here!
Images courtesy of Inspired By It

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{THRIFTY THURSDAY} From Shirt to Skirt

Thank goodness for mom fashionistas who are {sigh} more creative than us and {sigh} more productive than us. Case in point: Finley from the blog Mommy Chic. Curious about the idea of wearing a long sleeve shirt as a skirt, she created this fab no-sew tutorial below on how to turn a man's shirt into a skirt in 3+ steps...


For more details and other DIY styles, please visit Mommy Chic—design*style*kids*life! We promise it's well worth the click.

xx Well to Do

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


After a hectic week at work and home, Suz & co. packed up their {new} minivan and headed to Bar Harbor, Maine for a day of exploring and dining. It was a perfect day of doing nothing, but everything. 

"The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choice-less as a beach —waiting for a gift from the sea."

It was a good day.

xx Well to Do

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Growing Up Gardner

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