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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


First there was the scrunchie. Then the Topsy Tail. And don’t even get us started on Bumpits and EZ Combs {which we sadly used 20% off Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons to purchase}. Clearly it’s time to quit being head cases and start keeping it classy with statement-making headwear from Mila Rose Designs

Chicagoland-based Melissa outfits her high-fashion bands with strips of satin, chiffon, and lace. Oversized fabric flowers and fluff clusters add Chanel-like embellishment. Sooo lovely.  

The designs, available on Etsy and at Henri Bendel, are not for timid ladies. One of our favorites: The “fabulously oversized” Dita instantly adds height and drama... and was also worn by Alicia Broussard in her {Miss u. Dig u. Love u.} music video.

Melissa’s sister, Laura, is equally fabulous. She designs gorgeous cowls with vintage buttons as well as cute crocheted bow hats.   

Fabulously pretty, right? Well you can be, too! 

Mila Rose Designs has generously offered this “Tangerine Dream” headband for one lucky Well to Do pretty.  

For entry:  
1) Fan both Well to Do & Mila Rose Designs on Facebook and
2) Leave a comment here on the blog letting us know you’re a fan of both. Note: only comments will be entered into the random drawing. Contest is open now through Friday, March 25th at midnight. 
"Be pretty!"
xx Well to Do
For the next two weeks Mila Rose Designs will be donating 20% of all sales to assist those in need in Japan. Use code SAVEJAPAN for free shipping!


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Longer days and milder temps can only mean one thing…spring is in the air! Unless, of course, you live in New England.  
Looking for a way to celebrate spring and incorporate some spring trends even if you’re not quite ready to ditch the warmer clothes just yet? How about a new spring ‘do? Even better-how about a new spring hair 'do that doesn’t require a trip to the salon?  
 New York Spring Fashion Week featured models sporting braids in all shapes and styles, many of which are easy to style at home. Try a sleek and sporty braid at the hairline featured at the Lacoste show (pictured above) or a Lauren Conrad headband braid (below). 
 French braid challenged? Then here’s a how-to video to ensure you don’t miss out on being braid-a-licious. 

 xx Well to Do
Check back in tomorrow for a fab hair accessory giveaway {sold on Etsy as well as Henri Bendel's in NYC}!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In an unassuming building on a busy street in Bangor, Maine lies The New Hair Revue: a salon of substance, style and personality. Inside you will find Suz's beloved hair stylist, Angie Plummer, along with her crew: Angela, Charity, Debbie, Jennie, Lois, Tina, and Suzanne.

Charity & Angie

Here they will chat you up while playing it real {they are stylists, shampoo gals, receptionists, DJs and baristas}. Passionate about hair, makeup and bargain shopping, The New Hair Revue girls believe hair should not only be beautiful but also clean. Which is why they use and promote BIOMEGA, a new, professional, and affordable haircare line by Aquage.

Consisting of three different regimes - Moisture, Silk and Volume - this salon-exclusive line claims the difference in its products is the breakthrough technology of their cross-linked polymeric grid. The line is also free of sulfates, parabens, gluten and sodium chloride.

Not only is Angie fabulous, she's also very generous! In celebration of Well to Do's "have better hair" weeks, Angie is offering three BIOMEGA regimes for three different Well to Doers {one regime per winner}! 

For entry: Comment on Facebook about which regime you think would work best for your hair. Giveaway is open now through Friday at midnight, and the three random winners will be announced over the weekend.
xx Well to Do
For more information about BIOMEGA or to make an appointment, call Angie Plummer at 207-947-8998.
The New Hair Revue, 1009 Ohio Street, Bangor


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Let’s face it: A keratin treatment isn’t in the cards these days. You really just need to fill your gas tank. Or save up for a Sea Bag. Or start planning a Fiji vacation next year in 2020.
We’d hate to have your hair suffer from such savings. Which is why we turned to Suz’s hair stylist {Angie the Ahmazing} and Beauty 411 for three frugal and easy at-home treatments to deep condition your locks.
1.  Avocado Deep Conditioner Hair Mask - Use 1 small jar of mayonnaise and 1/2 avocado. Mix the ingredients, smooth into head being careful to work it to the ends. Use shower cap or plastic wrap to seal body heat in and leave on for 20 minutes.
 2.  Mayonnaise Your Hair - Apply 1/2 cup of mayonnaise to your dry hair, work in really well, cover your head with a plastic wrap, and let it set for about 15 minutes.
 3.  Olive Oil Hair Mask - Combine 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of olive oil together. Apply thoroughly and then cover with plastic wrap and set for 15 minutes.
These treatments work on any type of hair and are safe enough for those with sensitive scalps as well. 

Go on and get conditioning! 
xx Well to Do
Check back in tomorrow for a *big* Bio Mega give-a-way! Triple winners!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

FXDressed Loop Scarf Winner... And A Surprise!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the FXDressed loop scarf giveaway! The winner is...

Suz is wearing hers today and is feeling especially fabulous.

And {surprise!} we have another winner! FXDressed generously offered a six-pack of headbands to an additional random winner.

Congrats to you two lucky fans!  Please email us at with your addresses.  
Over the next month we will be covering BEAUTY! Stay tuned for tips, tricks and giveaways in the coming weeks.
xx Well to Do

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Let others rejoice at the end of winter. We face its passing with a heavy heart. Why? Because it marks the end of our passionate, co-dependent love affair with turtlenecks. Our companion, our security blanket, our cherished friend.

When it hit 40 degrees in Maine this week, we knew it was time to find a transitional relationship. Imagine our relief in discovering FXDressed: “infinitely wearable” one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted by Maine-based designer Jessi Sader

At her flagship studio work space inside Bella Luna in downtown Bangor, Sader weaves her magic on an antique Singer sewing machine and a vintage seamstress' table. She sells her designs {tops, tees, tanks, dresses, scarves, and headbands} in 48 stores nationwide, including Maine Maven, a Well to Do shopping favorite.

What's our favorite FXDressed look? Scarves, naturally. The FXDressed loop scarf lends a modern appeal to the classic accessory without inducing heat stroke making it a perfect match for T-shirts, tanks, button-downs or simple dresses. 

So exciting! FXDressed has generously offered this fabulous red & white loop scarf for one lucky Well to Doer. A perfect winter/spring/summer transitional piece that will undoubtedly have you looking lovelier than ever.


1) Fan FXDressed on Facebook and
2) Comment here on the blog telling us you did so.

NOTE: Only *comments* will be entered into the random drawing.

Contest is open now through Friday, March 11th at midnight. A random, lucky winner will be announced over the weekend.

For more information, please visit  FXDressed online... or stop in and see Jessi & Heather at 48 Main Street!
xx Well to Do

Images via FXDressed and Bella Luna


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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Meet Laura of Laura’s Style: The sweetest, most humble fashionista we know. Passionate about helping people find their own style and getting the most out of wardrobe closets, we asked Laura to help us overcome “a closet full of nothing.” Here is what she had to say...

Do you keep buying clothes? Does it seem like you always have to own the latest trend or you might just die?? Trust me, I know the feeling. Fashion trends keep on changing so fast that we can never keep up! So we just keep buying more and more until we have a closet full of... nothing. 
You know what I am talking about. You have so much in your wardrobe it is nearly impossible to see it all, therefore it is impossible for you to put together a look. I am here to tell you that I have been there, done that, and now I know that LESS really is MORE. With just 5 key pieces you can create many different looks using different accessories that you may already own. Accessories like scarves, jewelry, handbags, and shoes can pull a look together and also make a day look into an evening look with very little effort. 
Below you will find six looks that I created using just a few classic pieces such as a black blazer, gray cardigan, white tee, black pencil skirt, and a bright candy colored shoe: 

I added some fun accessories to update each of these classic pieces that EVERYONE should already have in their wardrobe.
Here are the looks!


Like what you see? Then head over to Laura’s Style blog for more fashion tips, tricks and amusement. While you’re there, be sure to read Suz’s favorite post {Be A Modern Mom... Not A Moldy Mom}. You can also find Laura on Facebook and Twitter!
xx Well to Do

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Friday, March 4, 2011


We’re in a tizzy over Twitter. We recently joined, and we are Suz is obsessed. With the funny one liners, the name dropping, the friendly banter, and the slight chance that @Oprah {or @Charlie Sheen} will retweet one of your compliments thus catapulting you into social media celebradom... what’s not to love? 

@Becky_DiStefano agrees. Which is why this innovator, wife, mother, creative thinker and beauty maven founded Haute Tags™ just last month.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Haute Tag made for Casey Kettleson 
In her own words:

Haute Tags™ is an accessory line born of a love for social media and the connections made on sites like Twitter®. Handles (user names) and hashtags (linked Tweets) bring people, places, ideas, likes and dislikes into a public forum and create circles and societies within the larger social spectrum. Communities within the larger community form and people are connected via a particular television show, film, news item, event, cosmetic line, fashion collection and more.

 Superstar mom/fashion blogger Audrey McClelland's Haute Tag
To bring these connections to the real world from the virtual, Haute Tags™ is the perfect vessel. The premiere preview piece is a high-end nickel plated tag bejeweled with brilliant Swarovski® crystals. It is personalized with customized engraving of a person’s handle, hashtag, company, etc.; the possibilities are endless. A ball chain reminiscent of military dog tags gives it an edgy look combined with luxury.

Haute Tags™ are a playful and chic way to express your passion for social media, the circles you belong to or simply a way to network and start up a conversation. Social networking can go beyond the virtual and become reality with Haute Tags™.  

Buy your bejeweled handle or hashtag today by emailing Becky at Price is $24.95 + shipping for a tag without crystals and $29.95 + shipping for a tag with crystals.
Become a fan on Facebook today! Website coming soon.

Haute Tags™: Let’s play tag, because in this world, you are it!
Sweet tweets!

Images courtesy of Haute Tags™ and Audrey McClelland

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We love Best Actor winner Colin Firth. But we love his wife Livia even more. 

In a sea of  Versace and Valentino on the Oscars' red carpet, Livia Firth managed to stand out in an absolutely stunning "upcycled" Gary Harvey gown. The entire creation was made from eleven different gowns from the 1930s.

Livia has been wearing a different sustainable and ethical gown to each red carpet event during awards season as part of her second annual Green Carpet Challenge.  

In addition, Livia also wore certified fair trade gold from jewelry designer Anna Loucha.

Now there's a couple we'd really like to try and keep up with...
Check out more gorgeous photos of the famous couple getting ready over at the Vogue UK site here.
photo credit: Jason Olive

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