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Saturday, February 26, 2011


WOW, what a turnout! Thank you ALL for sharing the Sea Bag love. We think you’re fabulous, and we so wish we could thank each one of you with a Sea Bag.

We know you’re anxious to hear the results. So without further ado... the lucky, random winner is... 

Congratulations, Melissa! You won a blue Whale Tail Sea Bag similar to the ones pictured below.

But wait, there’s more. Because of the amazing turnout, we decided to throw in a surprise. We randomly selected two additional winners to receive a Sea Bag wine tote {pictured below}!
 And the winners are...

Congrats to you three lucky ladies! Please email your address/contact info to
Thanks again to all of our fans—old and new. We hope you’ll stick around; we have lots more fabulosity & giveaways in store! After all, Ke$ha says it best: “If you’re one of us then roll with us.”
Until next time...
XOXO Well to Do
Keep up-to-date with our fabulous, green goodness via FacebookTwitter
Images courtesy of Sea Bags and Delusions of Grandeur


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When asked what our favorite Maine-made products are—Sea Bags are definitely at the top of the list. The tippy, tippy top!

The products are a combination of all the things we love—recycled material, fabulous colors and creative designs.  

Hannah and Beth, Sea Bags’ co-founders took their love for sailing and creating, and turned it into an eco-friendly and fashionable brand right on Portland, Maine’s waterfront. 

The duo and their team take old sails and repurposes them into totes, home goods and other specialty items. Add to the fact that Sea Bags supports wonderful causes such as the Maine Cancer Society and Sail Maine {just to name a few}, and there you have it—the trifecta of eco-chic: fashion meets function meets giving back.    

Not a sailor? Not to worry! The totes are perfect for non-sailing activities such as a beach bag, shopping tote, weekend travel, school bag or an every-day carryall. The durable, heavy-duty nylon sail wipes down easily and holds up to even the toughest customer.  The sturdy hand spliced rope handles add the perfect nautical finishing touch.

In case you haven’t heard, Sarah won the Sea Bags lottery this year, and she's sharing the love with this week’s giveaway! 

In typical Well to Do style, we wanted to spice things up and create a world-premier video to kick off this fabulous giveaway {so fabulous in fact that our local news station picked up the coverage}. So crank up the volume and dance with us as we giveaway a gorgeous “Whale Tail” Sea Bag in white and royal blue...
For entry:
Step One: Fan Well to Do on Facebook.
Step Two: Click SHARE underneath this picture and then tell us that you did by commenting UNDER the picture. 
Step Three: Check out Sea Bag’s website while you wait for the results!
Contest is open Wednesday through Friday at midnight EST. We will announce the name of one lucky, random winner over the weekend!!!
Good luck!
xx Well to Do
Images via Sea Bags, Maine Maven and Betsy Johnston  

Smart and Trendy Moms
Crazy About My Baybah

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Please allow us to take a break from regular programming to bring you this message:  we are cold. Like, reeeally cold. Especially after filming a giveaway video and TV spot in the bitter wind. We’ve tried putting on our happy faces, but we’re longing for sun and sand.   

Where do we want to go? Far, far away: To Fiji. To the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort, that is

Awarded the #1 Most Environmentally Friendly Accommodation by Trip Advisor in 2007, this out-of-the-ordinary and luxurious destination is owned by the son of the late Jacques Cousteau.  

Jean-Michel is dedicated to sharing his father’s and his own love of land and sea, and to sustaining the indigenous people of Fiji, their culture and their natural sense of hospitality. 


Green amenities include the first recycling program on Savusavu, meals created from the property’s organic gardens and edible landscaping...

Marine-life protection programs, and a new wastewater system using coconuts and recycled bottles to produce clean water in the property’s picturesque lagoons. 

The "World's Greenest Resort" {awarded last year} looks like the perfect spot for a Well to Do business meeting. Guess we just need a few more blog sponsorships...

See you there?  
xx Well-to-Do

***Check back in with us tomorrow for our much-anticipated Sea Bags giveaway***

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Monday, February 21, 2011


Stop back in and see us for our Sea Bags giveaway and music video this Wednesday... details thenIn the meantime, check us out on our local news here.

xx Well to Do

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


If there is ever an occasion to drink wine, Valentine’s Day is it. Case in point: the collection Suz and Andy consumed last night after putting the kids to bed.

Thank goodness for inspirational bloggers like Kasey Buick to help us realize the mileage we can get out of drinking bottles and bottles of wine. For example: her "boot that never falls over in the closet again."

An idea so brilliant that it made its way to the Today Show. Sadly, she didn't receive credit where credit was due so here we are announcing, celebrating and crediting her bottles and boots brilliance.

Wine not your style? This idealso works with any tall glass bottle.....................

 xx Well to Do

Images courtesy of Kasey Buick

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Monday, February 14, 2011

{GIVEAWAY} Robin’s Chocolate

What could be better than chocolate? How about a chocolate dessert sauce made from organic, local and sustainable ingredients whose creators have a social conscious. How about a Spoon Fudge so delicious that Suz declared it "a little taste of heaven" on national local newsThat’s what! 


Robin’s Chocolate Sauce is more than just a fudgalicious dessert topping. With Fair Trade certified ingredients, every jar of Robin’s Chocolate Sauce and Spoon Fudge serves as a resource for the "awareness and advocacy of the issues concerning communities and the environment" in Maine and across the globe.   

Robin’s first batch of her “original” sauce was crafted in 2004 in a twelve-gallon steam kettle. Seven years later Robin and Mark's options expanded from one flavor to seven different varieties of Robin's Chocolate Sauce and Robin's Spoon Fudge

The couple "processes the sauces patiently in small batches to produce a luscious, creamy texture and flavor." But, the chocolate goodness doesn’t stop there... 

Robin and Mark proudly support Sustainable Harvest International, a non-profit organization helping family farmers in Belize, Honduras, Nicaraguand Panama "overcome poverty while preserving tropical forests for future generations."

Just when you thought chocolate couldn’t get any better and couples couldn't be any sweeter

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Robin and Mark have generously offered a Robin's Spoon Fudge Party Pack to one lucky well-to-doer. The Party Pack contains twelve (12) jars of their three best selling varieties: Original (4), Raspberry (4), and Tropical Dark (4). And each flavor comes with a mini-taster spoon which is by far the best food accessory e-v-e-r.

For entry: Like our status *and* fan Robin's Chocolate on Facebook. The giveaway is open Monday, February 14th until midnight. One random winner will be announced on the morning of Tuesday, February 15th!

Good luck, and thank you, Robin and Mark! 
xx Well to Do

Images courtesy of Robin's Chocolate


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Saturday, February 12, 2011


How sweet it is to blog with you. But you know what's even sweeter? To be invited to taste testing for high-end, artisanal chocolate from Black Dinah Chocolatiers with you. 

In honor of Valentine's Day, Well to Do was invited to a private party at our friend’s shop sponsored by Black Dinah Chocolatiers and the Bangor Symphony Orchestra

Says our friend Kristen, owner of Maine Maven, “If you've had the privilege of trying one of Kate and Steve Shaffer's miniature masterpieces — the finest dark chocolate, filled with velvety ganache (think lavender, hot chili, honey, ginger or Earl Grey tea) — then you know why this is a big deal. If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing.”

To learn more, visit the Black Dinah website or click here to read one of Kristen’s blog posts.

We’re excited for our date {on which we may sport our B two headbands}, and we're hoping we don’t look like Suz’s daughter when the party is over. It's rough when you want another treat.

Happy Weekend, everyone
xx Well to Do 

Images courtesy of Black Dinah Chocolatiers and Maine Maven


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


You’re an old hand with the yoga mat. Your downward dog is flawless; your lotus is positively blooming. But while you’ve been busy impressing your peers with your limber limbs, your fashion sense has become a little stiff. Time to loosen it up with Purusha People, a collection of yoga and lounge wear that is practical and stylish. 

Purusha is a Sanskrit word that means “the soul of the universe, or the eternal breath within all beings’ breath.”  
Each one-of-a-kind hand-dyed and silk-screened creation is infused with Purusha designer Hayley’s love of yoga, nature, and color {she’s also an artist!}. Perfect to wear while doing a sun salutation...

And giving you even more reason to strike a pose.

Check out the Purusha blog here, and browse & shop all the fabulous designs at the Purusha People Etsy shop. Here are two of our faves...

Hayley also does custom orders, so if you see something you like, but you'd prefer a different color or style, simply contact her.  

As our yoga series comes to a close and with Valentine’s Day approaching, Hayley has generously offered this “All you need is love” tank for one lucky well-to-doer!

For entry: *Like* our status on Facebook {or comment below about why you'd like an "all you need is love" tank} *PLUS* fan Purusha on Facebook. Contest is open now through Fridaat midnight, and a winner will be announced over the weekend.
Remember: “You are the breath of the universe!”
xx Well to Do
Images courtesy of Purusha People

Giveaway Link up

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